Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Burma Daze - Chasing George Orwell and Rudyard Kipling.

After many years, I finally made it to Burma (Myanmar) a place that has long interested me thanks to the literature of George Orwell, Rudyard Kipling and the exploits of Orde Wingate's Chindits fighting the Japanese during World War 2.   

It was an awesome trip and over the next few weeks I'll have to sort through the images and whittle them down to a reasonable edit. But, for now, here are some of the snapshots that I took with my iPod Touch which came as a throw in when I upgraded my Macbook pro recently. I took it with me to listen to some podcasts and stuff during the quiet times but ended up using the camera and its apps to grab some snapshots between beers and the more 'serious' photographic endeavours. 

Hotel room views - dreaming of George Orwell and Rudyard Kiplinfg

Puppet, Rangoon

Sule Pagoda, Rangoon

Ananda Pahto temple, Bagan

Stupa Ruins, Indein

Buddha at Nga Hpe Kyaung

Betel nut seller, Mandalay


Preparing for the road to Mandalay

Shan market, Indein

Coffee and propaganda somewhere over the Irrawaddy

Fisherman, Inle lake


Monks sharing a cigar...yes they're kids.
The Irrawaddy

Roadside book stall, Rangoon.

Departure lounge, Yangon

When the generals talk... (with apologies to Midnight Oil)

 Now it's time to start editing and printing, so stay tuned for more photos and an in depth trip report.