Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Classroom demo pic

Buddha reclaimed - Silver Gelatin print, split toned
Thought I'd share the result of a toning demonstration that I did for my advanced darkroom printing class yesterday. The original image was shot using my Nikon D300s and after carrying out some photoshop adjustments to match my pre-visualised outcome, an inkjet transparency 'digital negative' was created from the photograph. This was used to produce a black and white contact print on a sheet of my dwindling supply of Agfa Multicontrast Fibre-based paper in the darkroom.

The resulting image was split toned using a combination of sepia and blue toners. Using the sepia toner first, I only gave the print a very slight and partial bleach keeping a close eye on the highlights as the bleach took effect. This resulted in only the highlight areas being toned sepia with the more dense areas of the print remaining relatively unaffected. After the sepia toning phase had been completed, the print was taken from the final wash and placed into the blue toner which altered the darker mid tones and shadows giving a much cooler feel to those areas of the image. The pic above is a scan of the print straight off the drying rack. I had considered doing some additional hand coloring as part of another demo, but I quite like the result and may leave it as is.