Sunday, March 13, 2011

Siem Reap/Bangkok Diary and Shine

 Last year's graduating photography students from the Advanced Diploma in Photography course at the Central Institute of Technology were, in my opinion, the strongest group yet. Great students and really talented, I think that I was more inspired by what they did and learnt more from them than the other way round. 

Alistair Edwards was one of the graduates with whom I found I shared interests in addition to photography. Even managed to convince him to accompany Safari Bob and I to the Angkor Photography Festival last year. Now back in Perth he is currently exhibiting his first solo exhibition at the Showcase Space gallery on the corner of Aberdeen and Beaufort streets. 

 How do we connect now?  Photo © Alistair Edwards

The Showcase Space is the smaller gallery at Central and tomorrow, Monday 14th of March, Shine opens at the larger Central Gallery space, with the official launch on Wednesday evening. Shine is a showcase of some of the best graduates from the 'creative industries' portfolios of last year. Included in the exhibition are the  photographs of Natalie Blom and Alanna Kusin

//       Photo © Alanna Kusin 

handcoloured inkjet prints on rag paper.

The Fall  Photo © Natalie Blom


Siem Reap / Bangkok Diary is open until 19th of March whilst Shine runs until April 1st. For more information about both shows contact Thelma or Pedrag on (08) 9427 1318