Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas books for the photographer

WTF? You say. Jules promoting crass Christmas consumerism? Nah... you know what I think... Nothing but a slick marketing ploy celebrating a fairy tale that makes us feel guilty unless we buy shit that won't be appreciated for people we may not even like. 

But now that I have your attention...

There are a couple of books that I think no serious amateur or professional photographer in Australia should be without and if you're thinking of gift ideas for yourself or others consider these. 

The Better Business Bible 2.0 is published by the Australian Commercial and Media Photographers (ACMP) which represents Australian professional photographers working in the commercial and editorial sectors. Less well known that the AIPP, who (in Western Australia anyway) appear to be more focused on the wedding and 'domestic' photography market sector, the ACMP is committed to developing and promoting best business practice for commercial photographers. 

This second edition of the Better Business Bible was released in late 2010 and includes invaluable Australian focused content relating to copyright, quoting & negotiating with clients, licensing, model & property releases, digital guidelines, marketing for photographers and much more. If you're a professional or even a serious amateur who does the occasional photography job then you need this book! It may not look very glamorous and there's not a single photograph to be seen, but the $75 (or free for ACMP members and $55 for students or assistants) is a very worthwhile investment. The book is only available from the ACMP website

Photographers: Copyright & Moral Rights (B120v01e) produced by the Australian Copyright Council and costing a mere Au$30. I've just checked the Copyright Council website and it looks like this is now only available as a downloadable e-book in pdf format, which is why it is now only $30 I guess, but trust me, this is an invaluable addition to your reference library. 

There are a lot of myths and assumptions about image copyright both on the part of photographers and clients. Some of it is wishful thinking, some confusing foreign Intellectual Property  laws with the legal situation here in Australia. This booklet clears up the confusion, it provides an overview of Australian copyright law, how it applies to photographs and photographers, legislated exceptions, how to protect yourself and deal with infringements, the Moral Rights suite of legislation, contracts etc. Thirty bucks that can save you a shitload of cash and potential heartache in the future. Use the link above or go to their website
OK, so that's it for now... don't get too silly during the 'silly season' and until next time, I wish you a future of peace and good fucking!